Marlborough and Pewsey Judo Club
A member club of the British Judo Association
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Marlborough and  Pewsey Judo Club
Who can do Judo?
Firstly don’t have to be super fit as Judo will improve your fitness Girls, boys, mums,
dads, gran's and grandad's practice and enjoy Judo.
Judo is a great inclusive social sport for all of the family. Children can start from as
young as 5 years old and adults can start and continue until any age!
In Japan it is not unusual for 80 year old Judoka to step on the mat and help with the
young and new judo players.
When you start judo you can attend four training sessions completely free of charge.
If you then decide to continue Judo training you will need a British Judo Association
Licence this is important as it allows you to.
* You to grade.
* You can participate in competitions
* Provides you with insurance.
*Allows you to practice at other BJA clubs.
Firstly about your Judogi (Judo jacket and trousers we normally have club kit that
can be loaned until you decide to purchase your own equipment.
A Judo suit can be either blue or white, a useful tip is to avoid shrinkage is not to hot
wash, but it is important that they are clean for training and competition.
Your trousers must be tied tight, and jacket must be crossed left over right. Your belt
(obi) must be tied around your waist, your instructor will teach the correct way to tie
your belt
                                                     Equal Opportunity Policy
Marlborough and Pewsey Judo Club  recognise and support all aspects of Equal Opportunities. We wish to include all members of our community within in our activities, We will endeavour ,within the limits of our capabilities, premises and  our coaches relevant  coaching qualification ,to provide access to any member of the public wishing to participate in our activities ,regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, religion ,or physical and mental abilities.
However, were more specialise skills, knowledge or facilities are required to allow people to practice and enjoy our sport safely we will to the best of our ability endeavour to advise and direct people to individuals or clubs who have these specialist skill or infrastructure .
We exist to support our community through sport and public interaction.

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All You Need To Know About 
Judo Grades
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About Judo

                Practice Times     

  Practice Times  at The Vale  Fitness  Centre

      Adult Sessions Saturday 9am to 10am

      Junior Sessions Saturday 10 am to 11am

                     Monthly Mat Fee £10

About  the gains of studying Judo

Judo can be used either as way to fitness and building confidence, knowledge through the Kata's or as a competitive sport. It teaches you the value of working hard , persistence and toughens you psychically.

Judo is an activity in which everyone, both male and female, can participate equally. One benefit of Judo is that it coordinates the entire body. Many activities and sports build or exercise only one set of muscles, Judo conditions all of them. It increases your flexibility, making you much more agile.
The sport places a HUGE emphasis on safety, but you are going to get thrown to the ground, a lot.  That is just how it is, but Judo also builds mental toughness you become confident because you have been given the skills to defend yourself and hold your own. 
But more importantly, the confidence you build comes from being proficient, being skilful, and being able to face your fears.
Judo also teaches humbleness and modesty no matter how big or how physically fit you are, you are going to be surprised when you first start either grappling or throwing as Judo is essentially a martial art that even the playing field for the little person because it is more technique-oriented.

No one was born with these skill and it is tradition in the dojo that every one helps each other sharing knowledge and skill so every one progresses

Developed from jujitsu, the hand-to-hand combat technique of ancient samurai warriors, judo has had the dangerous techniques removed and now involves throwing opponents to the mat and holding them in submission through various techniques.

Training and competition take place on a mat 8sq m in size, known as a ‘tatami’. Contests can last up to five minutes and, if a competitor - judoka - manages to throw their opponent to the ground on their shoulder, to pin them to the ground on their back, or force them to submit to a choke, strangle or an arm-lock, they immediately score ‘ippon’ - maximum score - and win the bout. Smaller scores are awarded for other kinds of throws and holds.

If the scores are tied after five minutes, the contest enters a golden score period, when the first score of any sort wins. Fighters compete in events determined by their weight,
Most Judo tournament will follow a knock-out format. The winners of each contest will qualify for the next round, with the two finalists going head to head in the gold medal contest.

The defeated quarter-finalists will compete in two 'repechage' contests, the winners of which will then go up against the two defeated semi-finalists to determine the winners of the two bronze medals in each event.